Destaney Wishon

Somehow Destaney became “Linkedin famous” for her Amazon advertising knowledge around March 2019….

Her secret? 

The red dress. 

Seriously, just check out this wild photo someone created of her…

Anyways, magical dress aside…

She’s an Amazon Advertising thought leader & brings the vibes everywhere she goes

(including the 9000+ podcasts & events she’s spoken on over the years)


Advertising Specialist

Gabriel Cáceros

You might be wondering, where was this photo taken? 

If you guessed “Deep in the jungle” your close! 

Gabriel lives in Guatemala & joined BetterAMS after selling his private label brand on Amazon!

We quickly found out he goes on “Monthly” anniversary’s  with his significant other… now that’s commitment!

Which probably explains how in his first 4 months of joining BetterAMS we received this insane email from a client raving about how amazing working with Gabriel is…. 

In short,

Gabriel is an extremely hard worker with deep knowledge of Amazon!

We’ll leave it at that 🙂



Alex Amos

For a long time we thought Alex was just a great guy & there was nothing bad about him…

Until we saw this photo

While in HongKong, one of the things he decided to do for fun was roof-hopping & dangling his legs off the edge of apartment buildings…

Did we know he enjoyed doing such a thing when we gave him an offer to join our team?


But overall Alex is a great guy & it’s hard to write anything bad about him.


He loves our people & clients, making sure they’re all taken care of! Which is why he’s a great COO!


Taylor Benterud

Hello friend! 

Wondering who’s writing these unprofessional Bios?

That’s me! (for now) 

Life just can’t be taken to seriously as our time here on Earth is short!

For now my bio will remain perfect with nothing revealing 🙂

Much love

Advertising Specialist

Naio Olsen-Stahl

Don’t worry.. I know what your thinking…

How in the world do you pronounce Ngaio?

Aside from her extremely interesting & hard to pronounce name..

Ngaio speaks like 6 languages, lives in Barcelona, got her Bachelor of Social Science in France, & of course loves Amazon advertising!

Oh yeah…

Lastly, during game day we found out she has a unique talent for drawing the cockpit of an airplane in a “Doodle Picasso” like form

Afterwards when questioned about the accuracy of this drawing she claims it’s “uncanny”

Stay tuned, we’ll be updating her Bio once we get more data 🙂 

Advertising Specialist

Matthew Hull

If Matt was a Pokemon…

He’d be Ditto

Why? because it seems he can morph into any situation with anyone & get along perfectly.

Just weeks after he joined BetterAMS, he decided to come on our 2020 year end retreat & it felt like he’d been on the team for years.

He’s one of the kindest humans you’ll ever meet.

Seriously.. his level of kindness could serve as a great role model for humanity!

But don’t be mislead by his kindness..

Matt’s seen some serious sh%t

Ask him about the “Voodoo story” in Madagascar. 

Seriously.. ask him

Advertising Specialist

Adam Mellott

Lets get straight to it…

Tall & Handsome?  
Respectful & Caring? 
Wifed up… obviously 
Lover of baseball? 

Only sleeps on mountains? TRUE
Could be mistaken for Tarzan with short hair? Maybe
Represents BetterAMS when surfing? Obviously 
Represents BetterAMS when hooping? Duh

What’s not to love about Adam? 

I don’t know…

Advertising Specialist

Justin Nuckols

Where to begin…

Bringer of SpikeBall… Definitely
Puppy lover? Obviously 
House owner? 
1st musician to join BetterAMS 
Lives in the desert… 🐍🌵 

Alright let’s just get to straight to what everyones waiting for…

Does he have a helium addiction? You decide


Project Cordinator

Jess Jackson

Let’s just call out the elephant in the room…

She’s clearly a superhero.

I mean really, with a name like “Jess Jackson” are you kidding?  

When it came to hiring Jess, her super hero name was obviously the most important factor. 

This also explains how Jess & Taylor made an unbelievable comeback victory in a Kayak race

Further more it explains how she was able to win at Spoons 

Did she join BetterAMS as a front to cover up her real life?

We don’t know.. DM her on Linkedin 

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