Client Success Team

Account Executive

Amazon PPC Master, Strong communicator, Keeper of clients


You’ll be the dedicated PPC manager for multiple clients with brands in various categories.

You’re a strong communicator & always keep the clients aware of new campaign strategies being launched in their account!

You’re able to balance client load & prioritize effectively


You have client management experience.

You have a TON of Amazon Advertising experience.

You understand that your the expert & clients are seeking direction from you.

You have excellent communication skills & can confidently communicate the reasons behind your campaign strategies & management decisions.

You’re relentless about becoming the best version of yourself.

You have amazing Time Management skills.

You love having fun & weekly game-night with the team sounds legendary (Right now our preferred game is Skribbl.io)

Fully Paid Annual Retreat

Quarterly Performance Bonuses

Coworking Allowance

Coffee Subscription

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