Amazon DSP

What is Amazon DSP (Demand Side Platform)? “If Amazon Advertising is a 95 Honda Accord, then DSP is a Tesla Model S…All of the power, control, and unprecedented potential that you could imagine.‘ Kyle Kirkwood – BetterAMS Director of DSP Amazon Advertising is booming as more brands dive into self-serve Sponsored Ads.  Competition for search […]

Amazon Advertising Basics – Part Two

Auto campaigns vs Manual campaigns Keyword Targeting vs Product targeting Broad, Phrase, and Exact AND Quick tips for starting your first campaigns! Auto VS Manual Auto campaigns are an available option under Sponsored Products Ads. Automatic Campaign –  You are allowing Amazon to choose where to showcase your ad. You can make optimizations through bid […]

Amazon Advertising Basics – Part One

In the last 12 months, Amazon Advertising has became exponentially more complex.  Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display, Video Ads, and re-marketing….just to name a few! Due to increasingly complexity, I wanted to put together a high-level manual to help everyone understand the foundations just a little bit more. Enjoy! First things first, where do […]